Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 5.19.08 PMToday, Geiger celebrates it’s 100th birthday as a fashion company with a Collection Palette whose breadth fulfills all fashion trends in our global marketplace. Geiger International translates current, international trends into luxurious Walk and Knit designs creating a cosmopolitan style. Geiger Country transforms alpine tradition into a rich look fitting our day and age by using highest grade Walk, Knits and Loden adorned with exclusive embroidery detailing.

Over the years Geiger has been true to one maxim: Fashion from Geiger never dictates but rather stimulates ones own ideas. Originality, comfort and function are given highest priority. Rich prints, fabric designs, knit patterns and embroidery motives as well as specially designed buttons and belt buckles create exclusive details that remind one of Parisian Couture. All this results in a Geiger style with unlimited variation to create unique looks. A perfect match for the wide range of individuals who wear Geiger and have embraced the brand as a natural choice to express their own style.

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