Vineyard Vines For Her

ourstory_indentWe’re brothers who decided that commuting to New York City wasn’t for us. We grew up in Connecticut and spent every summer of our lives on Martha’s Vineyard, which made us huge fans of the water, fishing and having fun. When we were younger, we played in various bands, recorded albums, started assorted small businesses and always combined our earnings to buy the best old boat we could find, so we could head out on the water and escape life from time to time.

In the late nineties we found ourselves miserable behind desks in Manhattan so we decided to trade in our business suits for bathing suits by selling ties so we wouldn’t have to wear them. We got our wisdom teeth pulled while we still had insurance, leased cars while we still had jobs and signed up for every credit card we could. We quit our jobs within ten minutes of each other, ordered some drinks, clinked our glasses together and vineyard vines was officially open for business.

We delivered our first 800 ties July 3rd, 1998, and sold out in the first week. We quickly re-ordered, paid off our debt, hit the road and moved into our first office. After that, we moved to a bigger office and hired a few friends to help out. Then, we moved to an even bigger office, hired even more people, and opened a few more retail stores, proving that the American Dream is alive and well. Today, we’re in an even bigger office and are opening more stores across the country. We have an incredible team by our side and no plans of slowing down anytime soon. And we couldn’t have done it without the support of our family and friends.

People always say that if you do what you love, you’ll be successful. There’s no doubt that we’re doing what we love and loving what we do: we’re having fun, working hard and meeting great people.

Thanks again and Tie One On!

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